Design and Technology

A Level in D&T Product Design

This course will suit students who wish to explore the importance of design and the place it has in this world.

The world would not function without product designers. Their role in this world is key to human success. Everything we use in our daily lives from the furniture we sit on, to the cutlery we eat with is designed, then made by people whose job it is to improve our existence. Medical advancements such as 3D printing replacement bones or even organs; the tools surgeons use during operations; technological advancements such as mobile phones; TV’s or personal computers; the homes we live in; Formula 1 racing cars; aeroplanes; the clothes we wear; the latest coolest trainers available to buy … all the work of designers and engineers. How we function and exist in the world around us is down to creatives; innovators and problem solvers… also known as Designers. Is that you?

Topics studied on this course:

  1. Technical Principles
  2. Designing and Making Principles
  3. Practical application of Technical Principles, Designing and Making Principles

Course content 1 and 2 are assessed through written examinations. Course content 3, the Non-Examination Assessment (NEA) element consists of a digital design portfolio and photographic evidence of final prototype.

Students are expected to be independent; self-motivated and driven. Students will self-manage a series of mini practical projects whilst covering the specification content before embarking on the NEA project.

Course Summary

As well as a straightforward Product Designer, designing any number of different products, this course could take you into a number of exciting career paths. The world of CAD design is a growing industry if that’s where your talents lie? The use of virtual reality and simulation are being incorporated more and more giving clients a realistic idea of the design concepts on offer. You might want to go on to architecture; teaching, manufacturing or engineering? Perhaps you want to be an interior designer; graphic designer; go into advertising or be an animations or web developer?

Did you know?Due to the nature of this course and the requirements to be a problem solver; demonstrate leadership; project management and critical thinking skills; it is positively looked upon by many universities as an entry requirement for a range of degree courses.


1 x 2.5 hour written examination worth 30% of total A Level

1 x 1.5 hour written examination worth 20% of total A Level

1 x Substantial design and make project worth 50% of total A Level



Exam Board

Minimum Required GCSE Grade - Subject specific

  • Design and Technology: 6
  • English Language: 5
  • Mathematics: 5

Entry Requirements