• Ms Labarbe - Head of Department
  • Ms C Martel – Teacher ofFrench
  • Ms B Dang Ndengue - Teacher of French


 The MFL Curriculum Intent Statement 

Above all, we aim to enthuse pupils and generate interest into languages and different cultures by giving them the skills needed to be able to communicate successfully. 

Our Curriculum promotes tolerance and helps build up pupils’ cultural capital and general understanding of other cultures. 

Every cycle includes cross-curricular or cultural activities that enhance pupils’ experience of the subject. We believe pupils should be challenged and should experience for example the art, music or literature of the French speaking world at a level they are all able to access. 

We intend to equip our pupils with the skills they need to be able to express themselves successfully in a foreign language in an academic context as well as in real life one. 

We aim to build up their vocabulary as well as their understanding of the key concepts of the language in a cumulative and sequenced way, cycle after cycle, always building upon prior learning.