A Level in History

History at A Level consists of four units; two are studied per year, with one of the units being coursework in Year 13. Students study a Breadth Study with interpretations called in Search of The American Dream, USA 1917-1996. Also, a Depth Study on India, 1914-48, the road to independence. The Themes Unit is on Industrialisation and British social change and the forging of a new society, 1759-1928. The coursework element of the course is on aspects of The First World War.

History is highly valued by universities and employers alike; it gives us the understanding and skills necessary to comprehend and analyse the world around us. Students will learn to use information effectively, weigh up conflicting evidence before making important decisions and learn to be analytical and critical when considering information presented to them. History will allow them to debate – expressing a clear personal point of view and to understand how and why humans have behaved as they have and maybe to learn from their mistakes.

Course Summary

History is a gateway to careers in education, law, research, journalism and many more fields.


2 x 135-minute written exams, each worth 30% of total A Level

1 x 90-minute written exam worth 20% of total A Level

Coursework is worth 20% of total A Level



Exam Board

Minimum Required GCSE Grade - Subject specific

  • History: 6
  • English Language: 5

Entry Requirements