• Mr J Matthews - Head of Department & Associate Assistant Principal

(KS3/KS4 lead, curriculum designer, Course overview development and responsibility for the quality of provision for the entire music programme)


Students at Norlington School and 6th Form can expect to develop an understanding of different musical styles and cultures through listening, performing and composing in their music lessons. Pupils will develop in confidence through performance and gain opportunities for creativity and social learning. Students are expected to take Leadership in their learning through conducting, improvising and organising their own groups and ensembles for class and out of class activities. All students will have the opportunity to learn singing, keyboard and percussion skills as well as using the new music department computer suite to compose individual compositions. Wider Opportunities are offered at Norlington through attending concerts and recitals such as the National Jazz Festival and attending theatre trips.

GCSE Exam Board: OCR

GCSE components:

  • Integrated Portfolio = one solo instrumental/vocal performance & composition one – your instrument = 30%
  • Practical Project = one group performance & composition two based upon exam board set brief = 30%
  • Listening and Appraising exam = final examination based upon OCR selected genres and musical characteristics studied
  • over the course of the two year programme = 40%

Key dates:

  • Summer term Y.10 = composition one completion
  • Autumn term Y.11 last week = Practical recordings both solo and group performances
  • Winter Term Y.11 = Composition two completion
  • June Y.11 = Final Examination