• Ms C Fraser - Head of English Joint, KS3 Lead
  • Ms D Malin - Head of English Joint, KS3 Lead
  • Ms E Williams - Teacher of English, KS5 Lead
  • Ms N Renton - Teacher of English (P/T)
  • Ms S Devlin - SENCO, Teacher of English
  • Mr J Wilson - Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of English
  • Ms S Kenal - Assistant SENCO / Teacher of English (P/T)


KS3 Overview - Year 7, 8, 9 Curriculum Plan

The English Department supports students to achieve their very best. Fulfilling the National Curriculum requirements shapes our KS3 curriculum. Within it we aim to familiarise pupils with the type of texts that they will engage with at KS4, building skills that aim to develop them into creative and confident writers, effective and perceptive readers, and knowledgeable and articulate speakers.

KS4 Overview - Year 10 and 11 Curriculum Plan

At Norlington, we study the AQA GCSE English Literature course that comprises of two papers, and the Edexcel GCSE English Language course that also comprises of two final papers. Whilst knowledge of the studied texts is essential, the skills of analysis, evaluation and creative writing are key to success in this subject. Consistent feedback, revision and opportunities to learn from a variety of exam resources dominate KS4 with the inclusion of frequent mock and in-class exams.

KS5 Overview

A-level offers the opportunity to explore some challenging and engaging texts which explore issues of justice, social expectations, and the making of the modern world. Students cover two extended units: Tragedy in Y12, and Social and Protest writing in Y13. They gradually build up their skills in analysis, critical approaches and argumentation. These skills are also applied to their Non Exam Assessments (NEA) over the summer of Y12 and first term of Y13. The NEA consists of two supported but independent projects, covering two texts: students must produce two written responses that examine their chosen texts through a critical lens